Dick Van Dyke and
The Vantastix

is a vocal quartet founded in 2000 in Malibu, CA. Television, Broadway, and film star Dick Van Dyke has teamed up with vocalists Eric Bradley, Bryan Chadima, and Mike Mendyke to celebrate and promote their lifelong love of singing.


The Vantastix is the result of a chance meeting of Dick and Mike at a Malibu coffee shop. The group that started "just for fun" has built up an impressive and enjoyable repertoire of children's songs and standards.

Of course, once word got out that Dick was singing with a vocal group, the offers began pouring in. Among the benefits and charity events at which they have performed: City of Hope Hospital, the Beverly Hilton for the Society of Singers concert honoring Dame Julie Andrews; the Hollywood Bowl as part of an evening of TV theme songs; and at the awarding of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Rose Marie. Television appearances include the TV Land Awards, Larry King Live, and a performance of the National Anthem for the NBA Playoffs.

The group continues to perform at benefits and children's events, and has just released a children's album of all new recordings of some of their favorite children's songs and standards.


"I believe that hard work and planning are important if one wants to get ahead in life. That's fine. More important is leaving one's self open to the twists and turns, the wonderful surprises that life has to offer. If you can't bend with the wind, go with the flow, you're gonna miss some great adventures, my friends. These three guys walked into my life from out of nowhere and turned my Golden Years into pure platinum. It would be nice if they did the same for our album. it was created just for the sheer joy of it. I think you'll feel it too.             – Dick Van Dyke

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